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April 2002

Established and Maintained by Bethesda Chapter, National American Glass Club

"In Appreciation of Helen N. Barger - Ruth M. Suppes. They Share with Many Their Knowledge and Deep Understanding of Art in Glass. They Open Doors to Beauty and Learning"

In 1978, the Bethesda Chapter of the National Early American Glass Club (now the National American Glass Club) began a public/private sector project with the Montgomery County, Maryland Public Libraries. Bookcases and hardback books on glass were donated to the Chevy Chase Library. The books were catalogued into the Montgomery County Library computer system. The books are in a special section called the Barger/Suppes Glass Books, named after Helen Barger and Ruth Suppes, who both taught glass identification and history at their homes in Chevy Chase, Maryland using their extensive glass collections as examples. The books in this collection may be borrowed for three days.

In 1998 it was felt that soft cover books, journals, periodicals and articles needed to be added. There was no more space at the Chevy Chase Library, but there was a new libary in Potomac, Maryland that had the space. The Bethesda Chapter again donated shelving and material. Much of the material was donated by Demmie and Harriet Blakistone, long time collectors, so this glass study was named for them. This material in not catalogued into the county computer system.

This page updated on July 21, 2006

748.294         Ader, Picard    COLLECTION DAUM NANCY                   Est Ouest 
COL             Tajan                                                   Galerie,1987

748.8           Allen Francis   HEDWIG GLASSES                          Francis Allen
ALL                                                                     1987

748.8           Archer, M. & D. COLLECTOR'S ENCYCLOPEDIA                Collector
                                OF GLASS CANDLESTICKS                   Books 1983

748.8           Archer, M. & D. IMPERIAL GLASS                          Collector
672I                                                                    Books 1978
748.2           Arwas, Victor   GLASS, ART NOUVEAU TO                   Rizzoli
A796C                           ART DECO                                1977

748.297         Asharina, N. A. RUSSIAN GLASS OF THE 17TH-              Corning
ASH                             20TH CENTURIES                          1990

748.2           Avila, George C.THE PAIRPOINT GLASS STORY               Reynolds-
AVI                             3rd ed                                  Dewalt
1978                                                                    1978

748.8           Avon 4          WESTERN WORLD HANDBOOK    -
A961                            AND PRICE GUIDE TO AVON

748.8           Baccarat        THE MUSEUM REPRODUCTION Baccarat
                                COLLECTION, 1830-1930

688.7           Baker, Cozy     THROUGH THE KALEIDOSCOPE                Beechliff
BAK                             --AND BEYOND, rev. ed.                  Books, 1987

748.8           Barlow, Raymond A GUIDE TO SANDWICH GLASS               Barlow-
                & Kaiser, Joan  --VASES, COLOGNES & STOP-               Kaiser
                                PERS Plus Index 1959-1986               1987

338.47666       Barlow, Raymond THE GLASS INDUSTRY IN SAND-             Barlow-
B258G-V4        & Kaiser, Joan WICH, NO. 4                              Kaiser 1983

748.2           Barret, Richard C.BLOWN AND PRESSED AMERICAN            Forward's
B273B                           GLASS                                   Color, 1966

748.2913        Barret, Richard COLLECTORS' HANDBOOK OF                 Remington 
B273C                           AMERICAN ART GLASS                      Museum 1971

748.5           Barret, Richard C.POPULAR AMERICAN RUBY-                Barret 1968
B273P                           STAINED PATTERN GLASS

738.4           Barsali, Isa   EUROPEAN ENAMELS                         Hamlyn Pub.
BEL                                                                     Group Ltd 1969
748.2904        Beard, Geoffrey INTERNATIONAL MODERN                    Scribners
B368I                           GLASS                                   1976-1979       

748.2           Beard, Geoffrey MODERN GLASS                            Studio Vista
B368M                                                                   Ltd. 1968

R748.292        Bedford, John   BRISTOL AND OTHER COLOURED              Cassell
BED                             GLASS                                   1964

748.8           Bedford, John   PAPERWEIGHTS                            Cassell
B411P                                                                   1968

748.2           Belknap, Eugene MILK GLASS                              Crown 1949

748.29171       Bennett, Harold THE CAMBRIDGE GLASS BOOK                Wallace-
B471C           & Judy                                                  Homestead 1970

748.8           Bergstrom, Evan- OLD GLASS PAPERWEIGHTS                 Crown 
B4990           geline H.                                               1940-1947

748.294         Bloch-Dermant,  THE ART OF FRENCH GLASS                 Vendome NY
C555T           Janine  1860-1914                                       1980

748.2           Blount, Bernice FRENCH CAMEO GLASS                      Wallace-Home-
B657F           & Henry                                                 stead 1969

748.2           Bogges, Bill &  IDENTIFYING AMERICAN                    Crown 
B674I           Louise          BRILLIANT CUT GLASS                     1984

748.2                           BOHEMIAN GLASS, 1400-1989,              Abrams
BOH             ed. by Sylva Petrova & Jean-Luc Olivie                  1990

748.2917        Bredhoft, Neila M.THE COLLECTOR'S ENCYCLOP-
BRE                             PEDIA OF HEISEY GLASS, 1925-1938        1986

748.2985                        THE BRILLIANCE OF SWEDISH               Yale Press
BRI                             GLASS, 1918-1939: AN ALLIANCE           1996
                                OF ART AND INDUSTRY

748.2           Brooks, John A. GLASS                                   Golden Press
BRO                                                                     1973

748.2           Burton, John    GLASS--HAND BLOWN,                      Bonanza
B974G                           SCULPTURED, COLORED                     1967

748.292         Carnegie Museum ANICENT GLASS IN THE CARNE-             Carnegie Insti-
CAR                             GIE MUSEUM OF NATURAL HIST-             tute, c1980
                                PITTSBURGH, ed. Bergman &       

748.29          Charleston,     MASTERPIECE OF GLASS,                   A Abrams, NY
C47M            Robert J.       WORLD HISTORY FROM THE                  1980
                                CORNING MUSEUM OF GLASS

748.8           Cloak, Evelyn C. GLASS PAPERWEIGHTS OF THE              Bonanza
CLO             BERGSTROM ART CENTER    1996

748.593         Corning Museum of GERMAN ENAMELED GLASS -               Corning
C818G           Glass           MONOGRAPH VOL. II                       1965

748.097         Corning Museum of THE GLASS SKIN [1998 exhibition]      Corning
GLA             Glass                                                   1998

748.8           Corning Museum of INDEX OF JOURNALS OF GLASS            Corning
                Glass           STUDIES VOLS. I-XV                      1973

748.8           Corning Museum of JOURNALS OF GLASS STUDIES             Corning
J86             Glass           VOLS I-XXVIII                           1959-1986

748.29          Corning Museum of NEW GLASS - A WORLDWIDE               Corning
C818N           Glass           SURVEY                                  1979

748.29          Cousins, Mark   20TH CENTURY GLASS                      Chartwell 
COU                                                                     Books 1989

666.1           Crabtree, Eugene D.ELEMENTS OF GLASS AND                Horner 
B621E           Valla, William J.  GLASSMAKING                          1974

748.292         Crompton, Sydney   ENGLISH GLASS                        Ward Lock C945E   editor                 1967-69-72

748.8           Curtis, Jean LouisBACCARAT                              Abrams
CUR                                                                     1992

748.6           Daniel, Dorothy CUT AND ENGRAVED GLASS,                 Morrow
B184P                           1771-1905, AND PRICE GUIDE              1950-1975

748.2914        Daum, Noel      DAUM, ONE HUNDRED YEARS OF              Daum & Cie
DAU                             GLASS AND CRYSTAL                       & Smithsonian

748.292         Davis, Derch C. COLORED GLASS                           Clarkson &
D261C                                                                   Middlemay, Keith Potter 1968

748.8           Davis, Derek C. ENGLISH BOTTLES AND DE-                 Chas. Letts 
D261E                           CANTERS, 1650-1900                      1972

748.2           Davis, Frank    ANTIQUE GLASS AND GLASS                 Feltham,Hamlyn
D161A                           COLLECTING                              1973

748.292         Delomosne & Son GILDING THE LILY - RARE                 Delomosne Ltd.
G468                            FORMS OF DECORATION ON                  1978
                                ENGLISH GLASS OF THE LATE
                                18TH CENTURY

748.2913        Dimitroff, Thomas P.FREDERICK CARDER AND STEU-          Schiffer, 1998
DIM                             BEN GLASS: AMERICAN CLASSICS

748.2913        Doros, Paul E.  THE TIFFANY COLLECTION OF               Chrysler 
C558T                           THE CHRYSLER MUSEUM AT                  Museum
                                NORFOLK                                 1978

016.6661        Duncan, George  BIBLIOGRAPHY OF GLASS                   Dawson 
D0911b  Sang                    (EARLIEST RECORDS TO                    London
                                1940)                                   1960

666.12          Dunham, B.S.    CONTEMPORARY LAMPWORK-                  Slusa Glassworks
DUN                             ING; A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO               1997
1997                            SHAPING GLASS     2d ed 

748.294         Dyansen 57      LALIQUE - ENCORE --A                    Dyansen Gallery 
L195                            COLLECTION OF GLASS BY                  1984
                                RENE LALIQUE AND BRONZE
                                AND IVORY SCULPTURE OF THE

748.2913        Schwartz &      AMERICAN GLASS - FROM THE               Weathervane 
S399A           DiBartolomeo    PAGES OF ANTIQUES. VOL.I -  1974
                                SCHWARTZ, 1925-65; VOL.II -
                                DIBARTOLOMEO, 1922-71

748.2           Eige, Eason &   BLENKO GLASS, 1930-1953                 Antique Pub.
E1G             Wilson, Rick                                            1987

748.8           Elville, E. M.  PAPERWEIGHTS AND OTHER                  Spring
E51P                            GLASS CURIOSITIES                       1954-70

748.2913                        ELSHOLZ COLLECTION OF                   Richard Bourne 
E49                             EARLY AMERICAN GLASS,                   Auction Galleries
                                VOL. I, VII, VIII                       1987

748.2913        Emanuele, Concetta STEMS                                Wallace-Homestd
EMA                                                                     1970

748.8           Farrar, Estelle H.P. SINCLAIRE, JR GLASS-               Farrar Books
F               Sinclaire       MAKER--VOL.I, THE YEARS 1974
                                BEFORE 1920

748.8           Farrar, Estelle H.P. SINCLAIRE, JR GLASS-               Farrar Books
F               Sinclaire       MAKER--VOL.II, THE MANU-                1975
                                FACTURING YEARS

748.29147       Farrar, Estelle THE COMPLETE CUT AND EN-                Crown
F242C           Sinclaire &     GRAVED GLASS OF CORNING 1979
                Spillman, Jane

748.2913        Fauster, Carl U. LIBBEY GLASS SINCE 1818                Len Beach
L694                                                                    Press 1979

748.294         Federation Des Cristalleries CRISTAL DE FRANCE          Lallemand
F293C           Et Verreries A La Main                                  1967?

748.29148       Feller, John Q. DORFLINGER                              Antiques
D695F                                                                   1988

666.1           Fisher, Leonard THE GLASSMAKERS                         Watts,1964

937             Fleming, Stuart James ROMAN GLASS: REFLECTIONS          Univ of Pa
FLE                             OF EVRYDAY LIFE 1997

748.2913        Florence, Gene  COLLECTIBLE GLASSWARE FROM              Collectible
FLO                             THE 40'S, 50'S, 60'S                    Books  1992

748.2913        Florence, Gene  THE COLLECTORS ENCYCLOPEDIA             Collector
FLO                             OF DEPRESSION GLASS, 7th ed             1986            

748.2913        Florence, Gene  COLLECTORS ENCYCLOPEDIA                 Collector
                                OF DEPRESSION GLASS                     1977

748.2913        Florence, Gene  ELEGANT GLASSWARE OF THE                Collector
F632E                           DEPRESSION ERA                          1983

748.2913        Florence, Gene  KITCHEN GLASSWARE OF THE                Collector
FLO                             DEPRESSION YEARS                        1987

748.2913        Florence, Gene  VERY RARE GLASSWARE OF                  Collector
FLO                             THE  DEPRESSION YEARS                   1988

747.2           Friedman, Joe   INSIDE LONDON, DISCOVERING              Prentice-Hall
FRI                             LONDON'S INTERIORS                      1988

748.296 Frothingham, Alice      SPANISH GLASS                           Faber   
F9415                                                                   1963

748.29148       Fry, H.C. Glass COLLECTOR'S ENCYCLOPEDIA                Collector Society
COL                             OF FRY GLASSWARE                        1990

748.2913        Gardner, Paul   FREDERICK CARDER: PORTRAIT              Corning
C226A                           OF A GLASSMAKER                         1985

748.2           Gardner, Paul   GLASS                                   Smithsonian
G228G                                                                   1979

748.2913        Gardner, Paul   THE GLASS OF FREDERICK                  Crown
C266G                           CARDER                                  1971

                Glass Club Bulle- NATIONAL EARLY AMERICAN          
                tins            GLASS CLUB-headquarters in
                                Boston -founded there. Vols.1-4
748.2           Glass Gallery   GLASS OF FOUR CENTURIES,                Vienna, Aus.
K88G            Michael Kovacek CATALOGUE                               Oct. 1985

748.2           Goldstein, Sidney M. CAMEO GLASS: MASTERPIECES          Corning
GOL             FROM 2000 YEARS OF GLASS-                               1982            

748.6           Goodearl, Marilyn ENGRAVED GLASS: INTERNA-              Antique Collectors
GOO             TIONAL CONTEMPORARY     Club    
                ARTISTS 1999

748.29147       Grimmer, Elsa H. WAVE CREST - GUIDE TO THE              Wallace-
G864W                           VICTORIAN WORLD OF C. F.                Homestead
                                MONROE  1979

748.2           Grover, Ray & Lee ART GLASS NOUVEAU                     Tuttle
G883a                                                                   1967

748.2994        Grover, Ray & Lee CARVED AND DECORATED EURO-            Tuttle
G883C                           PEAN ART GLASS                          1970

748.2           Grover, Ray & Lee CONTEMPORARY ART GLASS                Crown
G883C                                                                   1975

748.2           Grover, Ray & Lee ENGLISH CAMEO GLASS                   Crown
G883E                                                                   1980

748.292         Hajdamach, Charles BRITISH GLASS, 1800-1914             Antique Col-
HAJ                                                                     lectors Club,1991

708             Hammond, Dorothy CONFUSING COLLECTIBLES                 Hammond
H225C                                                                   1969

708             Hammond, Dorothy MORE CONFUSING COLLECTI-               C.B.P Pub Co
H225C                           BLES                                    1972
748.29          Harden, Donald  GLASS OF THE CAESARS                    1987

748.8           Hartshorne, Albert ANTIQUE DRINKING GLASSES             Brussel &
HAR                                                                     Brussel, 1968

748.29          Hartung, Marion T. CARNIVAL GLASS IN COLOR              Hartung
H336C                                                                   1967

748.2           Hartung, Marion T. NORTHWOOD PATTERN GLASS IN           Hartung
H336N                           COLOR - CLEAR, COLORED,                 1969
                                CUSTARD, AND CARNIVAL   

748.2           Hartung, Marion T. OPALESCENT PATTERN GLASS             Wallace-
H336O                                                                   Homestead 1971

748.2           Heacock, William ENCYCLOPEDIA OF VICTORIAN              Antique Pub.
H432                             COLORED PATTERN GLASS.                 1975
                                 BOOK II, OPALESCENT GLASS,A_Z
748.29154       Heacock, William FENTON GLASS: THE FIRST                Antique Publi-
HEA                              TWENTY FIVE YEARS                      cations

748.2913        Heacock, William VICTORIAN COLORED GLASS -         
H432E           & Bickenheuser,Fred VOL 5
748.29171                       HEISEY HAND-WROUGHT CRYS-               Antiques
HEI                             TAL: CATALOG AND PRICE LIST,            Research        
                                NO. 33. PRESSED, BLOWN, ETCHED,         Publications
                                CUT GLASSWARE, JUNE 1, 1956             [n.d.]

748.82          Winterthur Museum  PATTERN BOOK FOR GLASS DE-           Microsuran
H521P           Libraries       CANTERS, TUMBLERS, ETC. 1970
                LATE 18TH CENTURY (Gardiner's

748.292         Hettes, Karl    GLASS IN CZECHOSLOVAKIA Prague          [SNTL]
HET                                                                     1958

748.2           Hettes, Karel   OLD VENETIAN GLASS                      Spring
H5910                                                                   London 196

748.82          Hollingworth, Jane COLLECTING DECANTERS                 Mayflower
H741C                                                                   1980

748.8           Hollister, Paul GLASS PAPERWEIGHTS AT OLD               Sturbridge
H744G           STURBRIDGE VILLAGE - THE J.                             1969

748.2           Hollister, Paul THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF GLASS               Gramhall
H744c           PAPERWEIGHTS                                            1969

748.292         Hughes, G. Bernard ENGLISH, SCOTTISH AND IRISH          Bramhall House
HUG                         TABLE GLASS: FROM THE 16TH                  1956
                            CENTURY TO 1820

748.2           Hughes, Therle  DECANTER AND GLASSES -                  Country
H494D                       ENGLISH 1982

748.8           Hunter, Frederick STIEGEL GLASS                         Dover
H945S           W.                                                      1950

748.8           Huntington Galleries A CENTURY OF GLASSMAK-             Huntington
C397                        ING IN WEST VIRGINIA                        1980

748.29          Innes, Lowell   PITTSBURGH GLASS                        Mifflin
I58P                    1976

748.29          Jackson, Lesley 20th CENTURY FACTORY GLASS              Rizzoli
JAC                                                                     2000

748.29          Jarves, Deming  REMINISCENCES OF GLASS-                 Weinstock
J38R2                   MAKING                                          1968

748.2           Jarves, Deming  YOUR OBDt SENt, DEMING                  Sandwich Hist.
J38Y                            JARVES                                  Soc.  1984

749.63          Jefferson Glass  ART LAMPS CATALOGUES                   1924
G411A           Co.,Moe-Bridges Co.     [REPRINT]

748.2913        Jenks, Bill &   EARLY AMERICAN PATTERN                  Wallace Home-
JEN             Luna, Jerry     GLASS, 1850-1910                        stead  1990

748.8           Johnson, Glenn S. THE CAITHNESS COLLECTION:             1981
JOH                             THE COMPLETE AND OFFICIAL 
                                LISTING OF COLIN TERRIS'S       
                                MODERN ART GLASS PAPER-

748.2           Jokelson, Paul  SULPHIDES - THE ART OF                  Nelson
J74S                            CAMEO INCRUSTATION                      1968

748.8           Kamm, Minnie    TWO HUNDRED PATTERN GLASS               Motschall/Cen-
K15T6                           PITCHERS                                turn House 1968

748.2913        Kamm - Wood     ENCYCLOPEDIA OF PATTERN                 Century 
K15K                            GLASS, VOLS I & II                      1961

748.8           Ketchum, William C. A TREASURY OF AMERICAN              Bobbs-Merrill
K43T            BOTTLES c1975

748.2913        Klamlin, Marian COLLECTOR'S GUIDE TO CAR-               Hawthorn
K63CO           NIVAL GLASS     1976

748.29          Klesse, Brigitte EUROPEAN GLASS FROM 1500-              Kremayr &
KLE                             1800: THE ERNESTO WOLF                  Scheriau, 1987

748.2913        Koch, Robert    LOUIS C. TIFFANY: REBEL                 Crown
T565K2                          IN GLASS                                1964-1966

748.2913        Knower, Ramona C. ERICKSON FREEHAND GLASS,              [Columbus
KNO                             BREMEN, OHIO, 1943-1961, IN             Ohio, 1971]

748.29148       Krause, Gail    ENCYCLOPEDIA OF DUNCAN                  Krause
K91E                            GLASS                                   1976

748.29148       Krause, Gail    YEARS OF DUNCAN, 1965-1975              Krause
K81Y                                                                    1980

748.292         Lafferty, James R. THE PHOENIX.  lst ed.                1969

748.2           Lagerberg. Theodore A COLOR PICTURE GUIDE TO            Modern
LAG             Bk.2    C. & Vi OVER 100 TYPES OF COLLECTIBLE           Photographers
                                GLASS                                   1963

748.2           Lagerberg, Ted  EMIL J. LARSON AND DURAND               Lagerberg
L174E           & Vi            GLASS, VOL. 3                           1967

748.294         Lallemand       CRISTAL DE FRANCE                       Lallemand
F293C                                                                   1967

748.292         Lattimore, Colin ENGLISH 19TH CENTURY PRESS-            Barrie & Jankins
LAT                             MOULDED GLASS                           1979

748.8           Lechler, D. &   COLLECTOR'S GUIDE TO CHIL-              Nelson
L456C           O'Neill, V.     DREN'S GLASS DISHES                     1976

748.59          Lee, L., Seddon, STAINED GLASS                          Crown
L478SG          G., Stephens, F.                                        1976

748.2           Lee, Ruth Webb  EARLY AMERICAN PRESSED                  Lee
L4792           GLASS                                                   1960

748             Lee, Ruth Webb  NINETEENTH CENTURY ART                  Barrows 
L479N           GLASS                                                   1966

748             Lee, Ruth Webb  VICTORIAN GLASS: SPECIALTIES            Lee
L479V           OF THE NINETEENTH CENTURY                               1944

748             Lee, Ruth Webb  VICTORIAN GLASS HANDBOOK                Lee
L479Vh                                                                  1946

730.0973        Leigh Yawkey Wood- AMERICANS IN GLASS: AN EHIBI-        The Museum
LEI                           TION , May 26-July 8, 1984                Art Museum, 1984

748.8           Lindsey, Bessie M. AMERICAN HISTORICAL GLASS            Tuttle
L742A                   1967-72

748.2           Littleton, Harvey GLASSBLOWING                          Van Nostrand
L1T                                                                     Reinhold 1971

748.2913        Locke, Joseph & LOCKE ART GLASS Dover
Loc             Jane            1987

748.292         Manley, Cyril   DECORATIVE VICTORIAN                    Reinhold NY
M279D                       GLASS                                       1981

748.84          Mannoni, Edith  CLASSIC FRENCH PAPER-                   Paperweight Press
MAN                         WEIGHTS 1984

748.6           Matthews, Robert T. ENGRAVED GLASS AND OTHER            Matthews
M442E                       DECORATED GLASS 1978

748.2           McCain, Molliett        COLLECTOR'S ENCYCLOPEDIA        Collector
M121C                       OF PATTERN GLASS                            1982
748.294         McClinton, K.   LALIQUE FOR COLLECTORS                  Scribner's
M127L                                                                   1975

709.73          McKean, Hugh    THE "LOST" TREASURES OF                 Doubleday
M154L                           LOUIS COMFORT TIFFANY                   1980

748             McKearin, George  AMERICAN GLASS                        Crown
M154A           & Helen                                                 1941

748.8           McKearin, Helen BOTTLES, FLASKS, AND DR.                Crown.
M154B                           DYOTT                                   [1970]

748             McKearin, Helen & BOTTLES AND FLASKS AND                Crown 
M154A           Wilson, Kenneth THEIR ANCESTRY                          1978

748             McKearin, Helen TWO HUNDRED YEARS OF                    Crown
M154T           & George        AMERICAN BLOWN GLASS                    1949-50

748.29172       Measell, James  GREENTOWN GLASS - THE                   Grand Rapids
M484G                           INDIANA TUMBLER AND                     Museum 1979
                                GOBLET COMPANY

748.8           Melvin, Jean S. AMERICAN GLASS PAPERWIGHTS              Nelson
M1531A                          AND THEIR MAKERS                        1967

748.2           Mergl, Jan      MOSER 1857-1999                         MOSER
MER                                                                     1997

748.2           Meschi, Edward J. DURAND: THE MAN AND HIS               Glass Press 
MES                               GLASS                                 1998

748.2           Metz, Alice Hulett EARLY AMERICAN PATTERN               Heritage
M596E                            GLASS: REVISED PRICE GUIDE             c1977

748.29          Middlemas, Keith        ANTIQUE COLORED GLASS           Exeter
M627AN                  1971-79

748.292         Middlemas, Keith        ANTIQUE GLASS IN COLOR          Doubleday
M627A                   1971

748             Miller, Bonnie  OUT OF THE FIRE: CONTEM-                Chronicle Books
MIL                             PORARY GLASS ARTISTS AND                1991
                                THEIR WORK

748.2           Morris, Barbara VICTORIAN TABLE GLASS AND               Barrie & Jenkin
M                               ORNAMENTS                               1978

748.29171       National Cambridge COLORS IN CAMBRIDGE GLASS            Collector Books
COL                     Collectors, Inc.                                1984

748.29171       National Cambridge CAMBRIDGE GLASS CO., 1930-           Collector
C178F           Collectors, Inc.        1934, PLUS PRICE GUIDE          1976

748.2971        National Cambridge CAMBRIDGE GLASS CO., 1949-           Collector
C178C           Collectors, Inc.        1953, PLUS PRICE GUIDE          1978

748.8           Neal, L. W. &   PRESSED GLASS SALT DISHES               Author
N341P           D. B.   OF THE LACY PERIOD 1825-1850                    1962

748.2936        Neuwirth, Waltraud  GLAS, 1905-1925=GLASS 1905-1925,    Neuwirth
NEU                             FROM ART NOUVEAU TO ART                 1985

745.4           Newark, Tim             EMILE GALLE                     Chartwell
GALLE                                                                   Books, 1989

748.2           Newman, Harold  AN ILLUSTRATED DICTIONARY               Thames
N                               OF GLASS                                1977

748.6           Norman, Barbara ENGRAVING AND DECORATING                McGraw-Hill
N842E                           GLASS                                   1972

730.09          North, Jacqueline Y. PERFUME, COLOGNE AND               Schiffer
N865P           Jones           SCENT BOTTLES                           c1986

748.29173       O'Connor, D. Thomas LOTTON ART GLASS                    Antique Pubs.
OCO                                                                     1990

748.2913        Over, Naomi L.  RUBY GLASS OF THE 20TH CEN-             Antique
OVE                             TURY                                    Pub., 1990

748.2           Padgett, Leonard PAIRPOINT GLASS                        Wallace Home-
P123P                                                                   stead , 1979

748.2913        Papert, Emma    THE ILLUSTRATED GUIDE TO                Hawthorn
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KON             Exhibition              AN EXHITIBION OF 4 CENTURIES    udstillingsfond
                                        OF TABLE GLASS, GLASS SER-      1995
                                        VICES, AND GOBLETS

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IMP                                     FROM THE COLLECTION OF THE      1986
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(2 cops)

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V645B           bert Museum                                             1965

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G748.59         von Strasser,   DIE EINSCHREIBEBUCHLEIN                 Corona-Verlag 
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