The first major publication about New England Glass Company's Pomona Art Glass is in publication - release is imminent. The author, Beatrice Scheer Smith (1913–2009), a world recognized expert, historian, and collector, dedicated 50+ years to the study of this art glass, and authored numerous articles on glass in the Glass Club Bulletin, Glass Collector’s Digest and the Corning Museum’s Journal of Glass Studies. There are 49 plates and color photographs of more than 220 examples of Pomona along with previously unpublished material drawn from primary sources.
There will be a reception for the book's debut at the Museum of American Glass during The Glass Gathering, October 26, 2018 and it will be offered for sale at $44.95 for museum members and $49.95 for non-members. For more information please contact Tom Felt ( at The Museum of American Glass, P.O. Box 574, Weston, WV 26452, (304) 269-5006.

Collecting Glass Animals at the New Bedford Mueum of Glass

Please check out our new group on FaceBook "Collecting Glass Animals at NMOG," focused on glass animals, old and new! Group description: Artists and craftspeople have celebrated animal wildlife through the medium of glass for more than two thousand years!

At the New Bedford Museum of Glass, we are building a permanent collection of their achievements, a see-through zoo of crystal wildlife to document this glassmaking genre, and to inspire viewers with the amazing diversity of life on our planet. We invite you to join us for a “crystal safari,” as we develop our collection and share our latest discoveries here on Facebook! NBMOG is grateful to members Norman & Nora Stevens for launching this grand adventure. In 2011 they donated their collection of more than 500 torch-worked, miniature glass animals, most of which measure less than an inch in height! They also donated an important group of glass animal sculpture by the famous Orrefors glassworks, and since that time the Museum has sought outstanding examples by artists and glassmakers from all around the world. Each work employs the special properties of glass to create a unique and expressive statement about our world and its richly varied inhabitants.

Helping NBMOG to develop and display this growing collection are the following generous underwriters and supporters: Philip & Kate Beauregard, Laura Coffin, Tom & Peetie Dimitroff, Gerry Eggert, the Fiber Optic Center, Inc., Dianne Gregg, Fred Kasap, Edie & John Lawson, George J. Leontire, Jim & Betsy Lessig, Maria Martell, Andrea Natsios, David Nelson, Ross Nelson, Karen & Vaughn Petraglia, Bill Pitt, Allan & Jane Port, the President’s Office of the University of Massachusetts/Dartmouth, Richard Schimmelpfeng, Norman & Nora Stevens, and Sophia Grace Yanni. We hope you enjoy following our progress as a member the “Collecting Glass Animals at NBMOG” group, and we encourage you contact the Museum at, if you are interested in learning more, or would like to take part directly in this ongoing, extraordinary project!

Sincerely, Kirk J. Nelson President & Executive Director, New Bedford Museum of Glass, New Bedford, Massachusetts

Updated August 14, 2018,